Our music and dancing are inseparable. 

Although we step all our dances to a hornpipe rhythm, each one of them has its own character.  The tunes are traditional English Hornpipes, many of them with new ones created within the tradition.  Some dances go to a drum and one to a solo whistle.


The main melody instruments are English bagpipes, played by John Goodacre.  Many of the tunes are his and are published in his own tune books, Johnny D’s Home and The White House Hornpipe. 








John's bellows-blown Border Pipes and Leicestershire Smallpipes are made by his brother, the bagpipe maker Julian Goodacre.  Together they perform  in an English bagpipe trio The Goodacre Brothers, whose recordings are their tape ‘Call for yer Pipers Three’ and their CD ‘Bag up yer  Troubles’.  For more details of the pipes, tune books and recordings, visit Julian Goodacre’s website.